Southern Tyler  Legend

Against the Wind ver: 2019

Check out this great video. Driving song about handling relationships

Throwing White Daisies

It's starting to get crazy....listen and find out....

Keeping My Cool

Song about a guy staying calm during a romance argument

I Don't Want to Fight This War

Not all divorces are equal. Some loose some win. A nasty divorce song.

Love of My Life

a pure dedicated love song.... great tune for weddings

STL on Electric Guitar

samples of my electric guitar playing recorded recently

Oklahoma Heaven

Original song by Southern Tyler (Alex Fedotowsky)

Live performance at The Station in Banning CA

STL Live gig video

Take Away My Blues by STL

check out some easy acoustic blues playing by Southern Tyler

Lover on the Sea

Check out this great video about a Caribbean journey past the Florida Keys

STL on Spanish flamenco guitar

STL has built a reputation as a Spanish guitarist in southern California to include performing weekly at the famous Seville Club in Riverside California.


Thinking of Your Lover

A love song about my lover. Stream music and playlists with SoundCloud and wow your visitors with your tunes.

STL live samples of original and cover music

A selection of my originals and covers songs. STL performs at all types of events and venues

samples STL acoustic Spanish music

selection of my Spanish guitar music, most of which is origianl